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Regeneration Ovens


Moduline regeneration ovens were originally designed to regenerate, not just rethermalize, foods that were already cooked such as ready meals. Regeneration is different than rethermalization as retherming only rewarms foods. Regeneration brings back food from its chilled our frozen state to its just cooked state in regards to aroma, taste, temperature, texture, appearance, and moisture. Regeneration truly revives frozen or chilled food or ready meals back to its just cooked state, like it was freshly made by the chef.

Moduline regeneration ovens have evolved through time. Technology has changed and Moduline regeneration ovens have been at the forefront of advancing their regeneration ovens giving us now what we consider to be a hybrid crossover. Now no longer just a regeneration oven, but a multi purpose oven in which you can regenerate, convection bake, steam, boil, cook, and hold. Holding can even be done in a refrigerated state on certain models. Most importantly we can do it better and more efficiently.

In the day and age where efficiency is of utmost importance for ROI, performance is focused on for increased demands and decreased wait times, and quality, features, and engineering of products proves sustainability in the marketplace, Moduline regeneration ovens are leading the industry. Moduline regeneration ovens set the standards that other long to follow.

As a steamer:

The Moduline regeneration oven is a hybrid steamer. Moduline regeneration ovens go beyond traditional steamers. Unlike traditional steamers that only control time, Moduline regeneration ovens control time, humidity, oven temperature, product temperature, and recipe control. All this allows the chef to produce food better, quicker, precise, EVERY time. In addition traditional steamers are only 60% efficient, Moduline regeneration ovens are 92% efficient.

As a convection oven:

The Moduline regeneration oven can be used as a convection oven at times. With temperatures up to 370•F and the internal fan we can bake like a convection oven, plus offer features like humidity control, product core temperature display, and automatic cooking / recipe selection.

As a retherm cabinet:

Retherming allows you to only rewarm food. Moduline regeneration ovens allow you to bring back food to its original, just cooked state in regards to aroma, taste, temperature, texture, appearance, and moisture.

Reduce your need for a combi oven:

Moduline regeneration ovens give you the ability to cook, bake, steam, boil, regenerate, hold, and banqueting features are also available. With the advanced controls and features of the Moduline regeneration ovens you can decrease the size of combi oven needed which decreases original cost and also saves money. In addition the Moduline regeneration ovens need no water connection, no drainage, and no ventillation.