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Firex Cucimax Kettle

Firex Kettles

Firex Cucimax kettles area a Hybrid kettle like you have never seen before. Half braising pan and half kettle, the Firex Cucimax has temperatures ranges from 85•F up to 425•F. The standard size range for the Firex Cucimax is 90 liter (20 gallons) to 310 liters ( 80 gallons) with custom units available.

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Firex Cucimax is a fully insulated, digitally controlled, stainless steel kettle that combines ultimate performance and unsurpassed efficiency with state of the art engineering. The Firex Cucimax allows you to control kettle temperature, product temperature, batch time, agitation speed, agitation direction, and even gives you the capability to record, live monitor, and control the Firex Cucimax from a remote location through our 24.7 Station for the ultimate, beyond HACCP experience.

Firex Cucimax is available standard with agitation, and custom units are available without agitation or with dual motion agitation or high speed mixers. Units with agitation have standard a single agitation with side and bottom scraped surface capabilities. The agitation of the Firex Cucimax was developed to act as a spatula, giving the product flip & fold technology. As a result the product receives a 3 dimensional browning, caramelizing, searing, or frying on all sides. In addition the agitation is gentle enough so there is no breaking. The agitation on the Firex Cucimax is also interchangeable with several different types of agitation. We even have a cutting head available on some models. All this means that you can do more in the Firex Cucmiax than you can in a braising pan and a standard kettle combined which saves times, eliminates loss of flavor from transferring products from braising pan to kettle, saves times as the agitation flips & folds product automatically, and you can use less product and seasonings because your flavors will increase and your loss of product from transferring will decrease.

To make the Firex Cucimax even more versatile we have more accessories and features that can be added, like the only unit on the market today with a discharge valve option on all sizes. We have load cell integration available, platform scales, metal detection, transfer pumps, and filling equipment that can be integrated into the system. Special models have been designed for Lab / R&D, Drosophila, Confectionery, Cook Chill, and more…

Firex Cucmix Popular Options:

  • 1) Cooling option
  • 2) High speed mixer with laser cut and polished lid
  • 3) Tri-Clover / Sanitary connections
  • 4) Transfer pumps
  • 5) Load cells
  • 6) Metal detection
  • 7) Custom finishes for pharmaceutical and other applications
  • 8) Secondary mixer and more…
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Firex Cucimax Kettle Can be used for

  • Bolognese sauce/pasta sauces
  • Stew
  • Mirepoix
  • Risottos
  • Polenta
  • Caramel
  • Jams and marmalades
  • Vegetable stew
  • Sautéed vegetables