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Firex Easybratt

Firex Braising Pans

Firex Easybratt Braising Pans range of tilting bratt-pans is designed to meet the daily needs of small and medium sized caterers, kitchens, and galleys. It comprises 38 different models, available in gas and electric heated versions, with a capacity from 50 to 220 litres, or 15 to 60 gallons. The only 60 gallon braising pan on the US market.

What makes our braising pans so popular over others? This is easy, surface area. At Firex, when others decreased the size of the surface area for their braising pans, we did not. At Firex, we kept our braising pan surface area the same. At Firex we understand the true meaning of a braising pan to a chef. It is just that, a braising pan. Our competitors decreased their surface area and increased the height of the side wall. In addition they gave their units rounded corners. What this means is that they decreased the surface are by up to 33%, which means less product that the chef can fit on their contact area, which is the entire purpose of a braising pan, contact. You cannot brown, sear, caramalize, or braise unless you make contact with the heating surface area. Bring back your production to the kitchen, bring back your efficiency, and bring back the surface area you once had, bring into your kitchen Firex Easybratt braising pans. Incidentally though, if you did want to boil in our units, you can, and quicker than theirs. Why, because we have a larger heating area, so of you do want to boil, you can, and faster.

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