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Moduline Cook and Hold Ovens

Cook & Hold Ovens

Moduline Cook and Hold ovens allow gentle and controlled heat, which wraps around meat like a blanket, cooking it gently and preserving flavor, aroma, and essential nutrients. It is the traditional method of low-temperature cooking, applied by Moduline Cook and Hold, which do not attack food, but brown them naturally, enhancing quality, and keepin them soft and succulent, minimising the weight loss.

Thanks to the Moduline Cook and Hold ovens heating system, which uses a low density cable wrapped outside the cavity to obtain uniform, stable and electronically controlled temperatures, we can cook mass quantity of foods evenly while maintaining quality and minimizing workload and utility costs.


The Moduline Cook and Hold ovens is an extremely gentle process: The Dt system with the support of the core probe, allows to set the correct temperature difference between the cavity and the food’s core, keeping it constant; lesser DT difference improves the final result. All these features, and more, make the Moduline Cook and Hold ovens a key component in the Firex Cook, Chill, Fill, and Regenerate concept.