Not to follow industry standard, but to be THE industry standard. To use our knowledge and our heart, our drive, to set ourselves apart from the others and lead the industry. To collectively gather our resources as a company and leave a footprint in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and the food & beverage industry. Using our knowledge, to change, for the better, leading these industries into new solutions. It is not about leading the industry though to generate sales or increase profits. It is about leading the industry for a purpose. Our purpose is to design the most advanced equipment, combining performance and efficiency, while improving food quality and nutritional value, focusing on foods natural nutrients and their importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

By doing this, yes, we can change the world. We, as a collective team, with a mission, with heart and soul, and the social connection to our customers, can alter life for the better. Taking our knowledge into areas that can not just feed the hungry, sick, injured, tired or weary, but give them energy, hope, and comfort. Using the natural medicine of nutrients to fight off more than just hunger.

And this is our "soul" and what drives us.

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For over 40 years we have been manufacturing equipment, responding to the different needs of processing & manufacturing facilities, Lab / R&D facilities, centralized commissary type kitchens, banqueting facilities, military and rapid deployment kitchens, restaurants, and more.

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Processing Resources International, under the brand Firex USA, has become known as a leader worldwide in the processing industry. We provide our customers with flexible, efficient and innovative solutions to the full range of food...read more.



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